Sunday, January 31, 2010

Women's Snowboard and Bindings

What are good choices for Women's Snowboards??
I've heard good things about the Burton Feelgood.
Burton Feelgood Lady's Snowboard, 149 cm

Seems to be a tad bit expensive though. Looking for a solid intermediate board which can carve well. I've found the K2s and the Ride snowboards to be rather crappy? How about women's BTX boards?

I ride the LibTech TRSLib Tech TRS BTX Banana Mens Snowboard 2010 BTX myself and find it to be an amazing board.
 GNU B-Street Gnu B-Street BTX Snowboard - Women's One Color, 145cmlooks like a promising board as well!

Oh another question. What is the real difference between the Burton Feelgood and Burton Feelgood Smalls?

As for bindings, I've only heard about the Burton EscapadeBurton Escapade Women's Snowboard Bindings Bindings. How are those? Anyone have other suggestions?

GMAT Books

How good are these GMAT books? Has anyone tried one that they felt was super useful?

Snowboard Tuning

Hand waxing a snowboard at home seems to be rather easy..... but what about the equipment? we used a Dakine Iron DAKINE Adjustable Tuning Iron USA  last time and some Toko Wax TOKO System 3 Yellow 120g Wax - 120g/Yellow along with a Dakine scraper.  It was pretty fun. Are the more expensive Irons really worth it?      



How about for turning your board edges? I've seen some Dakine Tuning Kit. Anyone have any experience with these? seems like most of the items are available from say Home Depot, Wal Mart.!!!        

Saturday, January 30, 2010

LSAT books

Looking to get some study guides for the LSAT. What books are good?